Boo AddIn For SharpDevelop

The boo language binding for the free SharpDevelop IDE was created by Daniel Grunwald.

SharpDevelop 4 and .NET 4.0

SharpDevelop for .NET 4 is a stable and excellent open source IDE for the Windows platform. It includes the boo addin, which has more new features like refactoring, renaming, and a forms designer. (If you would like to use SharpDevelop 2.2 with boo 0.78 and later, please follow the following instructions:

Download the SharpDevelop source code, put the new boo version into SharpDevelop\src\AddIns\BackendBindings\Boo\RequiredLibraries, then run SharpDevelop\src\AddIns\BackendBindings\Boo\RequiredLibraries

Note: Compiling SharpDevelop does not require any tools except the .NET Framework 2.0.

The code converter (converting C# to boo) is much improved, and it is also accessible online via a web form.


  • syntax highlighting and coloring
  • code completion: type a period after a name and it will suggest alternatives, or hit control-space.
  • compile to exe or dll, including a windows exe, or a console application (the console pauses so you can see the output).
  • set compiler options, debug output
  • convert C# to boo: while viewing a C# file, select Tools -> Convert C# to Boo from the menu. Or you can convert an entire C# project at once by right-clicking on the project icon in the left sidebar and choosing Convert -> C# to Boo.
  • templates to get you started: windows form, class example
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